The Rescinding of Bathroom Rights for Transgender Students

President Trump has rescinded governmental protection of bathroom rights for transgender students.  First, let’s take a step back and define what a transgender person is.

A transgender person is NOT someone who has randomly decided they want to be the sex that they are not today.  A transgender person is a person who does not have what is called “transgender congruence.”  This is a psychological term meaning how well aligned a person feels their outside is with their inside.  Another way to think of this is that many transgender people have what is called “gender dysphoria.”  To give you a little perspective?  Anorexic and bulimic people have “body dysphoria.”  What they feel and what other people see are two entirely different things.

Think Mulan singing to her reflection, except on a sexual level.  Get it, got it, good?  Okay, done.

Now, this means that – drumroll please – according to actual real goddamn psychologists, transgender people cannot help being the way that they are.  When they say they can’t help it, they mean it.  THEY REALLY CAN’T.  A boy can feel like a girl, a girl can feel like a boy.  It’s a legitimate psychological thing.

This means that by forcing transgender people to go to the bathroom assigned to their original sex, you are essentially forcing a little girl to walk into the boy’s bathroom and take a piss.  Far from attacking other people in their bathroom of choice, transgender kids fear BEING attacked.  They are one of the most victimized groups on the face of the planet.  No matter what other groups they are a part of, they are never accepted.

Don’t like the touchy feely crap?  How about this statistic?  In all the states where transgender bathroom laws are a thing, there has never once been a documented case of these mythical “transgender bathroom attacks.”

Let’s add in another lovely little tidbit.  Transgender is what’s called an umbrella term.  This means that transgender can refer to anyone who is not cisgender (their original sex and their internal gender align).  This means that transgender can, in addition to referring to people who are simply gender dysmorphic, also refer to people who have had gender reassignment surgeries done – especially as the students get older.  

This means that we could be forcing someone who was originally a man to pee in a men’s restroom even though she (SHE!!!) no longer has a penis.

So why does this transgender bathroom shit matter?  That’s why.


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