Donald Trump Suppresses Press from White House Briefings

President Trump has banned a whole bunch of liberal news sites, including the New York Times, the LA Times, and CNN, from participating in White House briefings.

I actually find this to be one of the most dangerous things he’s done so far.  He hasn’t suppressed them from doing articles, but he has banned them from immediately reporting on him.  And now he will only hear exactly what he wants to hear.

Suppression of the press is how it all begins, ladies and gentlemen.  This is genuinely frightening news.

Conservatives will probably find a way to blindly spin this, just as they have Trump’s liberal use of executive orders, requests for a private email server, and open praise of Vladimir Putin.  That’s probably what terrifies me the most.  There is a hard core group of people who will simply follow everything he does blindly.


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